The Great War, it was called. It was set to be the war to end all wars. Due to a large number of belligerent forces from Europe and its colonies around the globe, it was also often called the World War. By its end, it brought four empires to their end — the German, Russian, Austro-Hungarian and Ottoman empires. It would only be after the outbreak of the second world war that the war of 1914-1918 would get numbered as World War I.

What made this war so deadly was that it was the first major war contested with the 20th-century technology. Military tactics were still firmly rooted in 19th-century warfare, and as a result, the casualties were astronomical. Today, the armaments and war machines are the stuff of legends — toxic gas, primitive tanks, railway guns, U-boats, biplanes, and Zeppelins, not to mention the trenches in which the infantry battles were fought. Primitive by today’s standards, but highly advanced compared to only a few decades before.

World War II has received the lion’s share of representation in the films, television and video games. For World War I fanatics, Lawrence of Arabia is the shining beacon in the film. But if you have a passion for board games and a keen interest in WWI, the perfect board game also exists!

Paths of Glory, or to give its full title, Paths of Glory: The First World War, 1914-1918 is a title you should definitely have in your collection. Paths of Glory is a Card Driven Game (CDG). It is also a highly complex strategy wargame for two players, with one controlling the Central Powers, and the other the Allied Powers. The game board features a map of Europe and the Middle East, over which the conflict plays out. Instead of hex tiles, there is a point to point movement system.