Paths of Glory is insanely complicated and can be quite a daunting prospect for beginners to take on. With a full game lasting up to 8 hours, there’s a lot that can happen during the game. It can be a very rewarding experience with the right kind of skills, but there is also a chance that an inexperienced player can lose within only a few rounds.

Beginners should stick to playing the introductory scenario until they are well acquainted with all the game mechanics. This scenario lasts for only three turns. Additional limits are that the War Commitment Level may not increase and that Peace Terms can’t be used to end the game.

Once players are confident that they know the basics of the game, they can take on the Limited War Scenario. This scenario is substantially longer and ends at the end of turn 10. This incorporates the Total War commitment and Peace Terms as ways to end the game.

The oldest source for player strategy is the official Paths of Glory Player’s Guide that was first published in 2001. It’s technically an expansion for the game since it includes 20 new cards and some extra counters. But the main part of the package is the 48-page booklet that highlights strategies and tips and describes a few additional game modes.

Since the game was first published in 1999, many communities for Paths of Glory fans have sprung up on the Internet. There are many forums that are a hive of information for players of all skill levels. Most of this information is still around, and although the rules have seen several revisions, most of the information will still be applicable today.

If the scope of this game feels too daunting, you could always watch Stanley Kubrick’s 1957 WWI film with the same name instead, and save your brain from exploding.