One of the most mythical legends of World War I was the Red Baron. The aerial ace Manfred von Richthofen was one of the most feared fighter pilots during the war, who racked up 80 kills in the skies. He had the title of Freiherr, which is equivalent to a baron. Since he chose to paint his plane red, he earned his famous nickname.

The Red Baron was mostly known for his use of the Fokker Dr. I triplane, but he had already scored most of his kills in older fighter planes. With its great maneuverability, this plane made it easy for pilots to outwit their foes. Unfortunately, the enemy caught up, and von Richthofen was killed in combat in 1917.

His legend lives on in two brilliant online casino slots games. The first is Red Baron by Aristocrat, and the second is Reel Baron by Microgaming. Both feature 5 reels, but that is the extent of their similarities.

Aristocat’s Red Baron seems to take itself more seriously. Its symbols include, in descending order of payout, the Red Baron, Fokker triplane, female admirer, Zeppelin, dog, radio, King, and Queen/Jack/10/9. The player can choose how many reels to play, from 1 to 5. This increases the ways to win exponentially, from 3 all the way to 243. When you win, the Radetsky March is played, which ironically honours a Czech field marshall who was aligned with the Austrian Habsburg empire.

Reel Baron chooses a more colourful cartoony look. Its symbols are, amongst others, a house, money bomb, treasure chest, black clubs medal, Iron Cross medal, cap and goggles, pink biplane, and khaki Reel Baron triplane. Over its 5 reels, it offers 20 paylines.

Out of the two, Red Baron is by far the better game. However, you can download Reel Baron to play for free offline if you don’t intend to bet.