Up until the outbreak of World War II, the Great War was the largest conflict in human history. Due to the horrors witnessed, and the large number of casualties, it was hoped by some idealists that it would be the “war to end all wars”. Sadly, we now know that there will always be bigger and bloodier wars. A mere 21 years after the end of WWI ended in 1918, WWII broke out in 1939. No other war has been depicted in popular culture more, although the Vietnam War and Iraq War have come close.

WWII was contested mainly in Europe, but the USA also fought a separate war with the Japanese after the bombing of Pearl Harbour. The conflict in the Pacific was the inspiration for Net Entertainment’s WWII online slots game Pacific Attack.

Pacific Attack uses the familiar layout of 5 reels. What makes it interesting is that you can choose how many of its 15 pay lines you want to bet on with each spin. Its symbols are WILD (fighter pilot), SCATTER (damsel), BONUS (fighter plane), sea mine, parachute, aerial bombs, hat, and four different medals. Winning symbols trigger either military music or sound effects. The WILD symbol, for instance, animates and plays a fighter plane sound effect.

Bomber Girls by Microgaming shares roughly the same inspiration as Pacific Attack. More specifically, it’s inspired by the pinup girls that were painted on bomber aircraft used by the US airforce. The women were not merely sex symbols. Their appeal was that they were wives and girlfriends of soldiers fighting, and that they worked in munitions factories.

As with Pacific Attack, it uses 5 reels, but it increases the paylines to 20. Among the symbols, there are many different pinup girls, in addition to bombs, bomber planes, goggles, and the Bomber Girls logo.